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Walk/Ride in Basement

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Walk/Ride in Basement

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Host Space Description

Motorcycles, equipment, totes- plenty of space with wide door access through the garage. Newly installed sump pump and a dehumidifier for a dry space. Stays relatively warm during cold season due to utilities down there- no concern of freezing.

Doorway between garage and basement has a small ledge but you can still easily roll equipment or ride/walk a bike over it.

With 24 hours notice, I can ensure garage door is unlocked and the right side of the garage is clear for access. Square footage is estimated and there are support beams down the center as pictured.

Price is negotiable if only a small portion of the space is needed. No guarantee of protection from pests- I use sprays, traps and such to deter but I am in a woody area. Please use precautionary measures to protect your items.

Access Rules

I will respond during business hours- text is preferred. Require at least 24 hours notice to guarantee access but will do my best to accommodate for unplanned needs. Self service access through unlocked garage door. Can access electrical outlet for a fee based on amount needed. Please use a type of basin for any equipment that contains liquids.

Storage Space Location