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Walk in Closet in Downtown Los Angeles

Walk in Closet in Downtown Los Angeles

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Host Space Description

I am a minimalist and don’t really need this closet. I already have drawers and a closet. Since I am in the master bedroom I have two closets. Completely unnecessary for me to be honest. Anywho, I have a walk in closet available for rent 🙂 It’s perfect for anyone who wants to hold artwork, random junk, small pieces of furniture. It’s not the biggest walk in closet but it’s perfect for someone who doesn’t have much to store but needs a storage space in the city 🙂 Comes with a keyfob with rooftop access as well 🙂

Access Rules

Without notice Mon- Fri 9am to 5pm Sat- Sun 9am to 6pm Any other time please give 12 hour notice.

Storage Space Location