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Storage Trailer for car or items – Insulated, weather protected

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Storage Trailer for car or items – Insulated, weather protected

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Host Space Description

Am renting my storage unit that I have available on my property.
It will be accessible with a private gate for your own come and go use.
It is unattached from the house so little to no contact is needed when using the storage space.
It is weather and heat protected with insulation.
One of the best features of my unit, is it is a moving and tow-able storage unit so if need be, we could arrange to meet where your items are currently housed, with easy access to tow unit to you then bringing it back to the property where it will stay. But that way, you are not having to lug massive amounts of items to and from my location.
Safe and secured with your own personal lock and padlock for unit.
In residential area that is safe.

fits a full size car or suv

Access Rules

As the unit is on my property, but accessible through a separate entrance with its own private and locking gate, you will be able to access your storage unit whenever you see fit. No notice is needed. Just make sure to have your key to enter thru the gate onto the property, as well as your personal key to enter the physical storage trailer unit. If you are needing to load your items into unit, we can arrange to meet and I will tow the unit to you for easy load and if and when you are finished with your storing needs, I am happy to assist you a towing of your items as the trailer is on wheels and just hooks up to my or your truck. This is about the only notice I would require, if there was a move needed for the items in order to get in or out of the unit.

Storage Space Location