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Shelving and storage available

Shelving and storage available

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Host Space Description

We have a room of shelves that would be ideal for storage of product that needs to be redistributed or stored. Climate controlled, clean and safe. The shelves are custom made of wood, no direct sun light, could hold items that are small to medium sized. Currently some shelves are allocated for an essential oil company and books for a publisher that I distribute when they have sales. We are able to receive packages regularly and store items safely. We are not open to constant visits, but rather deliveries and mailing out items. Perhaps you have an online store, have fragile items that you are waiting to sell, this would be perfect. We charge storage and then charge for any redistribution, re-packaging and shipping costs separately.

Access Rules

This is a room in our family home, we prefer not to have visitors but to work together remotely through phone calls or emails. Phone calls are welcomed during regular business hours. We will receive items through mail or delivery. When items need to be picked up or shipped 24 hours notice is required.

Storage Space Location