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SECURED LOT- for car, boat, RV, misc.

  • 624 Storage lot

SECURED LOT- for car, boat, RV, misc.

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Host Space Description

Large lot where my non-profit org has a storage garage, plenty of space to safely store your large item (outdoors). Property is completely fenced, with locked gates and multiple security cameras and 24/7 alarm services. Access could be arranged for anytime, usually someone is on site to assist request. 16′ wide driveway entrance. Photos available. Near downtown Sacramento (just West- 2 miles). Several different areas to park something, just depends time length desired. I am flexible and want to help, and keep it affordable. We have had a boat stored here for a year and it worked out great.

Access Rules

Walk thru gate has code. 16' wide driveway gate is motorized (electric) and needs to be opened by owner by remote.

Storage Space Location

Attention Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, StoreAtMyHouse recommends that you follow your local safety government guidelines when transacting with others. We hope you all keep safe during these trialing times.