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Section of Artists Warehouse

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Section of Artists Warehouse

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Host Space Description

My warehouse is clean and locked 24/7 when not in use. I am an artist and it is my studio, it can get mildly dusty so I will recommend covering your belongings. It is 3,000 square feet with a ton of unused space in the back that I am looking to rent out as storage, not a fixed space but space that will be negotiated with the renter based on belongings! I cannot store a car, but I can store a motorcycle or a couple, and pretty much anything else. You will receive a key to access it as you need and a large 15 x 15 foot garage door. Square footage to be determined based on what needs to be stored, flexible here! Same with pricing.

Access Rules

Coordinate with me when you need to come by as I actively use the space, but I'm easy!

Storage Space Location