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Room(s) for Storage in 3 bedroom Apartment

Room(s) for Storage in 3 bedroom Apartment

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Host Space Description

Two rooms for storage available. Can store boxes, clothing, plants, small household items, small furniture pieces that are assembled, larger pieces still in box or not assembled. Any pets, including dogs, reptiles, cats, small rodents, birds, fish or farm animals CANNOT be stored.

Once agreement is hit, storage will not be stored any longer if refusal to pick up. Ex. If we agree to one month and items do not get picked up, items will be discarded after 7 days of initial storage deadline. UNLESS additional storage is requested.

Access Rules

-Must call 5 days in advance if need access to items -Storage will be held month to month and will be discarded if payments are not made or refusal of pick up within 7 days of initial storage deadline. -Further storage after 30 days must be notified 5 days before storage deadline -we are not responsible for large amounts of money, illegal items, irreplaceable legal documentations, pornography or valuable personal heirlooms or products. -We are not responsible for any damage. -There are cameras and you will not be allowed access to the property unless a 5 day notice is given AND APPROVED. -Any damages, scratches, chips, missing accessories, etc will be documented in full before the storage is taken.

Storage Space Location