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Private Driveway in Quiet Richmond Suburb

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Private Driveway in Quiet Richmond Suburb

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Host Space Description

This space is perfect for large and small RVs, boats, and extra vehicles. Features security cameras, private entrance, 24hr access, no size constraints. Will divide space and reduce cost for smaller vehicles. In the pictures this space is the driveway itself. The wooden fence at the bottom of the driveway is easily moved. The Buick will be gone.

Access Rules

You can access your vehicle, storage POD, etc. 24/7 but if the delivery or removal is noisy or takes a long time, please come after 7:00 am and be finished by 9:00 pm so my neighbors are not disturbed. The driveway is over 10ft wide with no height constraints. Sometimes there are vehicles parked on the street near the driveway.

Storage Space Location