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Parking Garage Turned into Storage Facility

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Parking Garage Turned into Storage Facility

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Host Space Description

There is a large parking garage that is currently being transformed into a storage facility with up to 20 units ranging between 50-100 sq ft. Rental of multiple units can reduce the price per unit. It is not ready yet, but will be in a couple months. Tenant will have access to drive into the garage and easily transfer items to and from their storage unit. There are security cameras, a sprinkler system, a garage door, multiple means of egress, high ceilings, and the ability to lock the gates of the storage cages made out of chain link fencing with privacy slats. Tenant can access unit whenever they want with a garage door opener. Hoping for long term rentals.

Access Rules

access provided 24/7 with a garage door opener

Storage Space Location

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