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Open basement storage space

Open basement storage space

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Host Space Description

We have an open layout in our basement with plenty of storage space, including shelving if needed. Nothing will get wet, guaranteed.
Space is 7 foot tall with enough room to get things down the stairs with ease. We have about 500-700 Sq ft of open space. Willing to give discounts based on length of storage

Access Rules

The door to the basement is inside our back door, we will not be providing a key to renters but access is available almost 24/7. We do need a heads up about needing access, requesting at least a few hours notice but sometimes I can work with a shorter notice.

Storage Space Location

Attention Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, StoreAtMyHouse recommends that you follow your local safety government guidelines when transacting with others. We hope you all keep safe during these trialing times.