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Large Warehouse Storage Crate x 1

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Large Warehouse Storage Crate x 1

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Host Space Description

We have large wooden storage containers/crates which will keep your possessions secure, dry and clean for extended periods of time. They are housed in our 8,000 sq.ft. warehouse. Ideal for anyone looking for a very low cost, long term storage. These purpose built wooden storage containers are handy for a variety of uses, examples of things could include business archives, household items etc.

The crate can be delivered to the customer for packing and picked up for a small handling fee, or packed by the customer at the storage facility.

Removal blankets are available if required to protect furniture and belongings. .

Shelving can be added for document storage to help organise archive boxes, lever arch files or other types of document storage needed to help make these items easier to find and make good use of the space.

The crates are 5ft deep x 6ft 11” wide x 7ft 5” high and have a capacity equal to 250 cubic feet.

Access Rules

The crate is stored in deep storage. We provide 1 free access every 6 months on site between the hours of 9am-5pm and an access charge of $50 access charge for additional access.

Storage Space Location

Attention Covid-19

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