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Large Storage Unit in storage facility (privately owned)

Large Storage Unit in storage facility (privately owned)

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Host Space Description

New large storage unit for rent, 6 month lease. Roll up door with automatic opener, gas heater, electricality, and lights. This is a newly built facility and the opener is on back order and will be installed when it comes in. This can only be used to store furniture, RV, Boat. No hazardous chemicals or businesses to operate from this unit.

Access Rules

There are restrictions. you can not operate a business from this location. No Hazardous materials stored in it. Can not modify this unit in any way. May not sub lease it out. Can only talk to the owner of the unit about the rental agreement not the facility they are privately owned. You must be available to let the construction crew in the unit to complete the work necessary in the unit.

Storage Space Location

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