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Large Partially Finished Basement, Spare Bedroom, Shed

Large Partially Finished Basement, Spare Bedroom, Shed

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Host Space Description

Large single family home in a quite neighborhood. We have a large partially finished basement and as a younger family just don’t have a lot of things to store down there. What we do have is all stowed away in rubbermaid containers and neatly organized.

My wife stays at home with our son and you would have access nearly every day of the year with just a short notice.

In addition to the basement we have a spare bedroom, and a large shed that is for the most part empty.

We are located dead center between all the apartments at Austin Landing, Miami Township and Miamisburg/Centerville area.

Access Rules

For storage inside the house please just give us a few hours notice and we can accommodate most any day of the year. Shed could be accessed at anytime.