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Large Empty Studio 5 mins from Uptown Noda Plaza

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Large Empty Studio 5 mins from Uptown Noda Plaza

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Host Space Description

Hello, I have a large living room studio style area available. Unit is close to parking garage for easy moving in or out of items. I am a web app developer by day and luxury lyft driver by night. I live a minimalist lifestyle with nearly no possessions or need for this much space. Would be great for store online sold items in boxes. Very clean space so please keep it that way. Let me know if you have any questions. The square footage listed is just the living area. There is clearly way more space available in cabinets and hallway as well. Everything but the bed room / bathroom area is available to you.

Access Rules

Access times can be from 12pm to 4am as I do sleep in a seperated section on the unit.

Storage Space Location