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Large 2 stall garage

Large 2 stall garage

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Host Space Description

Large 2 stall garage for rent. Perfect for storage. We are within a mile of Como park and zoo and also within a mile of University Ave and the freeway. The big stall door does not work. You will get your own keys for the side door lock and deadbolt. The inside does have minor electrical done and working. No heat. Super easy laid back landlord’s looking for easy tenant.

Access Rules

You will have your own keys for side door. Can access 24/7. We only ask 2 simple yet very important rules. 1. Always close the gate behind you!! The door to enter the garage is in our fenced backyard and we have 3 dogs. 2. Never let our dogs out. We know accidents can happen but please be mindful of the puppies.

Storage Space Location