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Indoors Climate Control Storage Room

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Indoors Climate Control Storage Room

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Host Space Description

located in the southside area. Close to the freeway & southbound Cali bound HWY
Private residence, that is occupied by the owner. security cameras and smart home devices installed through the property. bedroom unit is on the second floor with deadbolt lock and access to a camera that is located to view the entrance of the room being rented for space

Access Rules

can be accessed at any time with notice given to landlord beforehand only to assure that property can be unlocked for you to have access to your personal storage room. The landlord is homie based for work so accessing your unit is not usually ever an issue

Storage Space Location

Attention Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, StoreAtMyHouse recommends that you follow your local safety government guidelines when transacting with others. We hope you all keep safe during these trialing times.