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Giant Finished Basement Storage

Giant Finished Basement Storage

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Host Space Description

We have about 700sq. ft. of finished basement storage. The $450 is for the entire space. I will break it up for $50 per month per 10×10 space. Please message me if this fits your needs. The only entrance is through our home, only myself, my sister and our 3 kids live in the home. It’s temperature controlled, with heat only, AC isn’t needed at all in the whole house. We have renters insurance through Farmers, anything stored here IS covered. We rent through a realty group that conducts extensive background checks in order to be eligible to rent a home from them. The only reason we even enter the basement is for laundry. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me.

Access Rules

The only entrance is through our home, so the only thing we require is 24 hours notice, please call during business hours. In case of an emergency, you may text anytime, including outside of business hours. We understand that things happen and sometimes you may need immediate access to your property. Please no illegal substances or stolen property.

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