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Extremely Nice Back Yard Shed

Extremely Nice Back Yard Shed

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Host Space Description

Our space is a newly built high quality shed in our back yard. Double doors to fit large items. It is 7×19 feet in floor size. The height is 8 feet tall, plus you can go even higher between the trusses. The doors open up to fit items that are 6 feet by 81 inches large (over 6×6 for the double doors), you could drive an ATV easily inside. When you drive past our home on the street you don’t even know there is a shed in our back yard due to nice tree, bush and house coverage. It’s an easy 8 min drive from the high way. You can use it at anytime as long as we the home owners are notified and you are not too loud at night or loud in the early morning. We look forward to you using this space!

Access Rules

You can access when ever you would like as long as we are notified and you are not too noisy in the early or late hours of the day.

Storage Space Location