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Empty Apartment (Recently Moved In)

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Empty Apartment (Recently Moved In)

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Host Space Description

I am a college graduate that recently got a job in Des Moines. I moved into an apartment of 800 SQ ft, but I have little to no furniture making the apartment extremely empty and flexible.

The apartment is located in West Des Moines. It contains a living room, kitchen, one bedroom, and large balcony and 2 closets. The living room and kitchen are wooden floor while the bed is carpet. The apartment is located on the second floor for easy access.

The only pieces of furniture that I own are a bed, one couch, and one desk. The rest of the apartment is available for storage.

One thing to note is that I do own a dog. She will not reach any storage placed in the balcony. Any items stored within the house will be protected from the dog via any means necessary (depending on the item). I will even sleep on the living room if it means leaving the storage locked in the room.

I do not own a vehicle, so the items will have to be dropped off.

Access Rules

Must call 24 hours before accessing items.

Storage Space Location