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Detached Garage Storage Unit

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Detached Garage Storage Unit

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Host Space Description

This is 180 square feet (18’ x 10’) of storage space available for rent in my detached garage. The ceiling is 10’. The garage is protected with lock & key on the door & security cameras outside. It is accessible by vehicle via my private off street driveway and no stairs involved in entering the unit. The unit had electricity and lights. The unit is protected from all weather elements with metal roof & walls but is not temperature controlled. Floor is a concrete slab. It is not intended for vehicle storage unless you plan on parking it long term without needing to frequently take it in and out. This garage is detached from my house which I live in next door, in an extremely safe residential neighborhood. 24/7 access with flood lights for nighttime lighting.

Access Rules

24/7 access with a lock and key I provide

Storage Space Location