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Convenient temperature controlled attic storage

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Convenient temperature controlled attic storage

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Host Space Description

I’m a home owner renting out the attic/crawl space areas in my 1.5 story home. These are big, insulated and have wood floors. This is great for storing something that you need to keep dry and out of temperature extremes. They are accessible through hatches on the second floor. You don’t have to go up attic stairs or anything to access them, just open the hatch. This is the attic or crawl space on a 1.5 story home so the ceiling of this room slants at an angle. It starts at 6 feet tall and slopes to the floor. You can stand and walk in there.

This one is 7’x8.5′, 59.5 square feet and 178.5 cubic feet.

The attic/crawl space area is insulated and ventilated but not connected to the HVAC system of the main house. There is light and power. These rooms get slightly warmer/colder than the main rooms but not as hot as an unfinished attic. The temperature range should be 55-85 degrees.

The house has exterior video surveillance. We haven’t had any problems with break-ins but the house is secured for peace of mind. I’ll keep your stuff safe.

These rooms have smoke detectors.

The house is accessible by a paved street and has paved parking in the driveway.

This crawl space doesn’t have any equipment or utilities in it that I would need to access or service. This is your space and you can lock the door with your lock. Nobody will go in there and touch your stuff.

Someone has to be here to let you in the house to access the storage. The access is by appointment only because of that, just call or send a text before hand. I ask that you come in and out a maximum of once per month for privacy. This won’t work if you need to access your storage every day but its fine if you need to store something long term. I require a minimum 3 month lease with 3 months rent up front and month-to-month after that. One week notice is required to cancel.

Access Rules

You can access the storage by appointment once per month only. The hours are 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM Monday-Friday and 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Saturday and Sunday. A maximum of two people can enter at once. No animals. You must carry your own trash away.

Storage Space Location