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Belton tx 2 converted car garage

Belton tx 2 converted car garage

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Host Space Description

2 car converted garage! In a quiet naberhood.look at my reviews on Airbnb! That tells you a lot of who I am. Also the garage is always looked up with two doors and only “I” I have the key. I also have a locked closet and I am also the only one with a key!

Access Rules

I do not give out key for your protection! As long as I am home (I'm disabled so im home most of the time) you can access your stuff anytime. If I'm not home, of course u may have to Waite till I get home, however due to my disblity, I am home 27 days out of the month! Unless it's a Dr appointment or grocery store....I am home. 👌 I also run Airbnb and have 5 star reviews and your stuff is locked away and only "I" will have a key to access it! Your stuff is safe!

Storage Space Location