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Basement and Shed in Irvington Indiana

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Basement and Shed in Irvington Indiana

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Host Space Description

Hey ya’ll!! I have two spots which I am willing to lease out, I have a basement. This basement is not finished; however, it has concrete floors. It is a pretty decent space. 20 by 20. I would lease this out for $300.00 a month, I may negotiate. I also have an outside shed which is open for storage, it is about 12 x 12. It has a personal lock on it, you are more than welcome to keep this lock on it. I am willing to lease this out for $150.00 a month.

Access Rules

Please be honest if you currently have bedbugs or have had bedbugs recently and it has not been treated. The shed outside, you are more then welcome to come and go, as long as you are not staying in the shed and it is only for storage. The basement, I will have to be home for you to get into my house, I am more than welcome to coordinate a time with you to figure this out if you need to get to your stuff. Same rules apply here, your stuff can stay, you cannot live in these places. Please try to keep it organized as possible and be respectful of the space. Let me know if you have any questions.

Storage Space Location