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470 SF Basement Storage in West Lawrence, KS

470 SF Basement Storage in West Lawrence, KS

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Host Space Description

We are currently offering our empty 476 square foot unfinished basement for storage. We have not had any issues with water in the basement in the past, but we will provide shelving units for storage of boxes and bins to reduce the amount of dust and dirt accumulation and prevent water damage to any personal property.

We also have a vacant double length car garage (also 476 SF) available for rent. This would be ideal for larger items so as not to require heavy lifting up and down a flight of stairs.

We would be willing to rent the entire basement for $200/mo and/or the entire garage for $300/mo. If less than 476 SF is needed, we would be willing to parcel of the space for $30/100 SF/mo. of basement storage space and $45/100 SF/mo. of garage storage space.

Access Rules

Renter will be given the garage code with access to the basement. The renter may access his or her belongings at any time between the hours of 7AM and 8PM.

Storage Space Location