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20 by 20 by 12 bedroom in Gilbert Arizona

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20 by 20 by 12 bedroom in Gilbert Arizona

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Host Space Description

20 by 20 by 20 by 12 climate controlled controlled central air conditioning room in room available to is available to rent 4 storage. Located on the 2nd floor pet free and is not utilized as living quarters. Has smoked detectors pet free smoke free cigarettes and marijuana. Bedroom is located away from the sun a tree it is located and sits on the side of of the bedroom As partial shade. Perfect place to store your most precious items.

Access Rules

Mostly 24/7 access as long as we are notified an hour in advance. Prefer daytime or early evening hours after 10 p.m. emergency access access only. Pictures and possible videos with a written contract would be signed by both parties. It will be in a locked room And not opened by me Exceptions are emergencies and your permission

Storage Space Location

Attention Covid-19

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