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1st fl. Climate control, surveillance, locked closet

1st fl. Climate control, surveillance, locked closet

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Host Space Description

Closet space inside a downstairs bedroom of my residence. It is of course, climate controlled. It will remain locked with (upon request) each having a contact and key. A motion detector and water sensor will be provided so we will both be notified of any disturbance and take control before property could be ruined. I have a smart lock on the front door to easily send a key to let yourself in at any time. The indoor and outdoor of this spacious home & property have cameras and smart home, supervised monitoring provided at no extra cost. If there is any fear of loss, please feel free to protect your things with a warranty because (with all homeowners insurance claims) you’ll be responsible for the deductible in the circumstance you feel it necessary to file a homeowners claim. Please, do not move in anything that will damage my residence bc I will hold you liable if your camping potty leaks foul, hazardous contaminants that destroy both my property and your own. Common sense rules and respect is both given and expected. It’s a non smoking residence with handicap entry to this storage space, no pets living in your closet space; however I do have a large indoor butterfly koi aquarium in the sunroom. If, as a result of whatever reason a claim is filed (with the insurance I still recommend due to the steep homeowners insurance deductible) for damages to your property and mine, I would want the repairs to be covered… so no crazy stuff on the carpet in a bedroom of a half million dollar home please. Also, it is not in a flood zone so rest assured there shouldn’t be risk of flooding. I still recommend insurance bc I cannot control trees in a hurricane. It’s a dead end road, corner lot, named after the judge that lives in the neighborhood, next door to a firefighter, I’m always home and live alone. I guarantee safety (within my reasonable control) and respect of your privacy and belongings. If either party is alerted of any disturbances, I’ll gladly check or welcome you to come and check on your belongings because I know how much sentiment some possessions hold. I look forward to the pleasure of doing business with you and have PLENTY of extra space both indoors, outdoors, and in sheds. I offer wedding rentals in front of the pond as well and provide large, white wedding tents that I do not use a rentable storage unless it’s needed for such an event.

Access Rules

Please, notify me if your needs or expectations and I'm certain we can reach an affordable agreement both parties are comfortable with.

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