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1 Car Storage space available in a 2 Car Garage

1 Car Storage space available in a 2 Car Garage

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Host Space Description

Available space in a 2 Car garage for storage.
Boats/Cars/Campers/Jet skis and more are all allowed.

Located in East Orlando. Garage has working lights, a utility sink, storage cabinets available on the wall, and more.

Great place to Store your summer boat or your small camper!

You will be renting 1/2 of a two car garage, as such square footage is approximately 200. However, there is storage for extra items in the cabinets along the wall. This increases the actual space size to more than 200.

Access Rules

Access provided via text request. Several adults in the home to open the door whenever necessary. No access before 7 am or after 10 pm. Unless a special request is made and approved more than 24hrs in advance. This can include a set schedule, such as if you have a monthly boat trip and need to pick up at 5 am on the first of every month, etc. Normal requests should preferably have an 8hr advance notice.


Storage Space Location