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1 car garage available *20 MINUTES FROM CAMPUS*

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1 car garage available *20 MINUTES FROM CAMPUS*

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Host Space Description

I have a one car garage available. 16 feet by 24 feet long. Plenty of room for a vehicle and storage racks for additional storage or car cleaning products. You could also fit a vehicle and a desk to create a small workspace if you are trying to create a start up. 20 minutes from Purdue’s campus. Perfect for a student who needs to store a vehicle or personal items. (I also have storage space in my shed and basement that I will be listing that you could use for storage). Oversized driveway and street parking available. (in the pictures the garage is a little cluttered, but will be completely cleaned out once you are ready to move things in)

Access Rules

You could utilize the garage door opener. There is a man door on the back of the garage, but I plan on putting in a fence this spring so the man door would not be accessible from the street. you could feel free to put your dog in the back yard while accessing your storage/work space.

Storage Space Location

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