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Extra Space on 1.5 acre Residential property


Residential Driveway

Our driveway is clean, paved, and monitored 24/7 by a Ring driveway camera. Space is available for cars, trucks, trailers and other vehicles. Please call anytime and thank you for your business.

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Stone Mountain Residential Storage

Able to store Cars, Personal Belongings, and Small-Medium Sized Tools and Appliances. I have Several Closets, an attic, multiple cabinets, and a carport/Drive Way with enough empty space combined to store extra items and vehicles (I even Have a whole…

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Driveway space for a car

Store your vehicle in my driveway. This is a lovely area in the Oakland Hills. To keep the dust down over time, you may want to cover the car and ensure you have adequate automobile insurance. A vehicle parked on…

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Storage in Mooresville!

Hello I’m Tony Moose I’m from Mooresville Nc I have a shop and storage lot at my home, iv been a Boat tech for 40 years I have a fenced in yard with security cameras and Doberman pinschers

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Little frog storage and more

Outdoor storage. Boats,trailor,semi, storage unit. Second drive way and anywhere in the back. Got 3 acres of open land. If you need help just call me.

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Private Driveway in Quiet Richmond Suburb

This space is perfect for large and small RVs, boats, and extra vehicles. Features security cameras, private entrance, 24hr access, no size constraints. Will divide space and reduce cost for smaller vehicles. In the pictures this space is the driveway…

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Lot for rent in pomona

Camera, security dogs Privite lot 20 ft x 10 ft spot Several available Privite entrance For car truck suvs trailer rvs that fit under carport and practical anything u want to place in the spot

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