For Sale

Medium Sized Bedroom with Easy Access


Large Bedroom with Private Key Access

I’m looking to rent out one of the bedrooms in my house to someone who is discrete, quiet, and does everything legally. This is my first time doing something like this and want to be sure the person who rents…

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Bedroom in Quiet Neighborhood

I live in a very quiet and safe neighborhood in a gated community. Looking to rent out my spare bedroom for a little extra side money. The house is relatively new and structurally sound. I do have home insurance.

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Empty Bedroom in Safe Area

I have two bedrooms for you to choose from. Both are the same size and I am willing to lease out both. Your items must be clean and not stain the room or, you may bring some kind of blanket…

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Storage Room – Will Help you Move In

I have a room available for storage. I have a truck and can help you move your stuff in for an extra fee depending on where you live. The area is pretty safe and quiet. Nothing ever happens around…

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Self Storage Bedroom

Self store your stuff in my empty bedroom. I can have it ready within two days of you leasing it out. Payments must go through the website to ensure they are made consistently.

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Big Bedroom Available in a Weeks Notice

I have an average sized bedroom, about a hundred square feet available for storage space. I currently have some boxes in there but if someone is willing to rent it out, I can have it emptied and clean within a…

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Bedroom in Safe Area

I have a bedroom available for space in a gated community in Anderson. It’s pretty spacious and you can see it as soon as you walk through the door, so it’s pretty accessible. It’s in the first floor so easy…

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