Space for rent near to the Airport and Jackson hospital


Trailer or other sized thing

Lots of rooms Tons of space We ask all users to enter as much information about their property as possible. Please enter more than 400 characters. Thank you

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Heated basement private entrance

this listing is for the full basement of 2001 park St in atlantic beach, NY it has a private entrance with a lock, the basement is heated perfect space for small online company

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$200 a month storage

It’s heated area with your own personal storage. It’s secured with lock and key. You can visit as much as you need and put whatever you need. $200 a month cash.

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large 2 bedroom & basement home

So much space to store anything that can fit through a home door. Both bedrooms are empty & some stuff in the basement. The living room & kitchen are empty also. So much space you can store 3 washing machines,…

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Extra room in apartment

Store anything that can fit inside an apartment, anything that is appropriate for inside storage and able to fit inside an apartment. Price negotiable depending on space and time. Monthly rent price can change based on item.

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Attention Covid-19

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