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Safe and Private access Room for Storage


Shed Storage Capalaba

This space is my shed that does not get used at all. I am currently ripping the table out so the space will be completely bare. This would be great for furniture storage or just a large amount of items.…

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Office & Storage Building

offer a 1696 sq ft office building with an open floor plan that can be used for a variety of uses & an oversized corner lot! There is ton of space and potential to expand to this property if…

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Temp Controlled – Bonus Bedroom

Hey there! Welcome to my corner of the storage world. I’m a mid career social service professional who keeps a tidy home and has a bonus bedroom she isn’t using. I’d love to offer up the space to someone who…

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Marin County Storage

Recently cleaned, weather-proofed and finished basement in San Anselmo. 3-4 rooms of approximately 150 square feet. You may choose 1-4 rooms as well as hallway shelving.

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Bring Your Things Here!

I have a condo in a nice secure neighborhood in Henrietta NY. I recently cleaned out my basement to the point of being empty. Installed luxury vinyl tile for the floor which is water proof. I also updated the powder…

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Garage Storage Space

Storage space in a 3-car garage available. Approximately 10 x 8 x with very high ceiling. Space won’t accommodate a car but it will a motorcycle, ATV, lawnmower, snowblowers, sports equipment, boxes, appliances, furniture etc. About 2/3 width of one…

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Clean dry basement storage area

Clean, dry, well lit storage space in a basement. 9′ x 8′ w approx 7 1/2′ ceiling height. Area at base of the stairs. Door at top of stairs prevents my pets from basement. No kids. Non-smoker. Area has door…

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