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Secure basement: 10 foot x 10 foot clean space


Bring Your Things Here!

I have a condo in a nice secure neighborhood in Henrietta NY. I recently cleaned out my basement to the point of being empty. Installed luxury vinyl tile for the floor which is water proof. I also updated the powder…

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10×5 basement section

I have a lot of unused space. This section is against the wall with a curtain to close off the area. There is other items stored here but the basement gets almost zero use. There is a bulkhead entry for…

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Indoor Storage Space

I have a large spare room. You are welcome to store items here. You can access the space during business hours 9-5, just text in advance. Space is secure and heated.

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Basement in Black Mountains

I am renting a portion of my unfinished basement. The area is 12×12. The basement is clean, dry, and cool. The temperature is around 67F. The humidity is around 57%. Access to the space is very easy. It’s through the…

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Full condo in Pennsauken NJ

Large condo. I live alone and have so much space for storage. Large furniture is no problem. Boxes of all shapes and sizes. There is a spare bedroom as well as a full basement.

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House basement for storage

1)10 by 12 room in basement . 2)basement (20 X 10) . 3)garage (20 X 10) for storage. we can put individual storage units to store stuff this is an individual house, basement always runs a dehumidifier basement has a…

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