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Ez rentalstorage space

Empty room at the main entrance door in a SFH on the main floor. Room has 1 window. A door with knob. 5 hours prior intimation is required before accessing. No access from 7 pm to 8 am.

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Large basement with separate entrance

Large dry basement with separate entrance for a multiple of storage possibilities. Renter can help with storage organization and containers. Space is not available for weapons, batteries or other flammable devices.

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Dry Basement for you

Moisture free basement with outside access. 24/7 security monitoring system. Space accessible via wooden steps. Great space for overflow of inventory, tools, and personal items.

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Large Open Room in Basement

Large private storage area available to rent, long or short term. Basement is partially finished and waterproofed. Would have to more things up and down stairs.

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Walk/Ride in Basement

Motorcycles, equipment, totes- plenty of space with wide door access through the garage. Newly installed sump pump and a dehumidifier for a dry space. Stays relatively warm during cold season due to utilities down there- no concern of freezing. Doorway…

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My Loft close to Oxford

Loft Space Rental so close to Oxford This loft space is the perfect Oxonians and professional in need of storage space. Inside a secure, fully heated house, the loft provides a modular space for all your items. The space features…

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Downtown Chicago 20,000 SQ FT Storage

20,000 so feet of warehouse storage space. Very cheap daily, weekly, or monthly rates. Can pickup belongings on your behalf and assist with transportation. Forklifts, pallet jacks, and box trucks available on-site. Located conveniently in heart of Chicago’s West…

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