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What to Expect As a Host

Before detailing what you should expect as a host, let us address the two top questions we get asked:

1. When you host your space on StoreAtMyHouse, we will never reveal your address and will not automatically book it on your behalf. If someone is interested in your space, they will message you through our moderated platform where you can discuss the terms first. For example, you can ask what they will be storing, for how long, and even negotiate the price. Nothing you list initially is final. Therefore, listing does not mean you’re signing your space away. You can do whatever you want with it after listing and if things change and you can no longer rent it out, that’s completely OK. We will never force you to rent it out.
During a messaging session, we will closely monitor the conversation to assist both of you with any questions you may have and we will not allow any personal identifying information to be passed on. We do this for two reasons, to help protect you and to avoid platform circumvention.

2. We offer two options for payments. When you agree to rent out your space to someone, you can make a one-time payment of $199 to make the booking or you can use our billing platform where we will automatically charge your renter the monthly rate on a recurring basis and then split the payment, with 85% going to you and 15% going towards supporting the development and marketing costs of the website. Do keep in mind that if you choose our platform, our responsibility limited is to processing payments.

The following details the process of what it’s like to be a host:


Step 1 – Review Our Terms and Conditions

There are no contracts when you rent your space. Both host and renter are already agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of the website if a booking is made.

Step 2 – List Your Space

Listing your space is easy. Simply click on List Space at the top right-hand side of our website and follow the instructions. Make sure you upload photos! Here are two of the most common questions we get:
Don’t know how much to charge? Chat with us and we’ll let you know! Don’t want to chat? Simply call a couple of storage units near you and ask how much they charge. Then, price your space at about 50% to 70% of commercial storage units.
Don’t know how bit your storage space is? A small bedroom that narrowly fits a queen size bed is approximately 100 square feet. A garage is roughly 200-300 square feet.

If you ever have any trouble adding information, simply start a chat or send us an email with anything you would like added to your listing. We will recognize your email address and quickly find your listing. For example, you can send us an email with photos of your space and we’ll know what to do.

Step 3 – Share Your Space

Share the provided space listing URL on your social media. Let others know about StoreAtMyHouse. You may not know it but your friends may be using a commercial storage unit at high prices. Do your friends a favor and charge them less through our website and help us grow in your area.

Step 4 – Talk to Potential Renters

As we mentioned earlier, we never book your space automatically. If someone is interested in your space, we will put you in touch with them through our platform where we will carefully review your conversation, ensure the terms and conditions are being followed, and answer any questions you may have. We reserve the right to moderate the conversation both for your protection as well as ours. At no point will personal information be disclosed and we will not allow circumvention.
It is at this stage that you get all the rental rules set, such as pricing, booking dates, special conditions, etc. Make sure any and all concerns are covered during this screening period.

Step 5 – Renting Your Space

Once an agreement is reached with the potential renter, we will charge you either a one-time fee if you wish to collect payments directly from the renter or get a recurring payment process started where payments are processed automatically by our platform and payments are deposited into your bank account periodically.
Once the first payment is processed, we will reveal contact information and the rest is up to you and the renter. This means that you are both on your own at this stage, will meet at a set date and time, and begin the storage process. You may examine the items being placed in your home at any time.
If any problems arise, we suggest reviewing the options you have that are laid out in our Terms and Conditions.

Step 6 – End of Lease

Once the items are removed, list again!

If you have any questions, please contact us via email or chat!