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What is StoreAtMyHouse?

We are a unique service that provides peer-to-peer storage solutions for anyone in the world.

Our goal is to allow storage seekers to avoid using commercial self-storage locations which are often very expensive.

Storage providers can earn passive income by renting out their available spare space in their home, garage, business, etc. Earn as low as $300/year to as much as $3,000/year, depending on where you are located and the storage size you make available.

Our goal is to support you in every step of the way. We do this by providing users with a robust search engine, easy map searches, facilitating communication between users, ensuring posts are properly listed and priced, by attempting to mediate when problems arise when possible.

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How do I get in touch with StoreAtMyHouse?

What types of storage space are available?

Just about any! We allow both residential and commercial organizations to post their available properties on our website. Here are three examples:

  1. A retired couple whose children have gone to college. They now have two empty rooms, an attic, a shed, a garage space, and a driveway available for rent. Instead of moving to a smaller home, the couple rents out these spaces at low prices. Instead of renting the rooms for people to live in, they rent their storage space as they value their privacy.
  2. A company at a strip mall rents out office space but business is slow, inventory is not needed, and extra space is going to waste.
  3. A traditional self-storage company decides to lower their prices and offer more benefits in order to be more competitive. They list their storage in our website in order to attract customers back. We’ll allow it, why not?!

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Is there a fee to list my property?

No, there isn’t. You can list your spare storage space for free.

However, there is a 15% fee for those who want to use our automated billing system which allows storage providers to save their time and headaches by:

  1. Allowing online payments via credit/debit card or bank transfers (ACH)
  2. Sending automatic bills to renters
  3. Sending payment receipts
  4. Automatically depositing rent into your bank account after the payments clear
  5. Providing you valuable tax information for the end of the year
  6. Notifications of late payments

In other words, the system takes care of everything so you do not have to deal with collecting your monthly storage fees from your tenants, as the automated system takes care of it for you.

We also provide the following services for those who choose to use this service:

  1. Limited mediation in case of issues
  2. Support throughout the rental process

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How do I list, edit, or delete my storage property listing?


To add your property:

  1. Click here to list your property
  2. If you do not have a user account, you can register for one here. Once logged in, go back to Step 1 or use the Dashboard to submit your property.
  3. Enter all the relevant fields, including a photo. We recommend entering only your zip code or approximate location – do not enter your home address. Note: You do not need to enter your contact information, we will handle that for you once a request comes in.
  4. We will review your property to ensure you have filled all the areas correctly and that your price is competitive. We may make some minor changes if needed and then approve the listing. We do this to increase your odds of renting out your spare space.

To Edit your property:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on “My Properties
  3. Click on the pencil icon to the right of your listing.

To Delete your property:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on “My Properties
  3. Click on the X icon to the right of your listing.

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How do I get my property featured?

As our website becomes more popular, your listing may get buried along the results. We charge a $35 fee to feature your location, which will enable you to rent your property much more quickly.

To get your property featured, please email us your URL at and we will provide you with payment information.

Please note that we will automate this process in the future as we are now focusing on launching and promoting the website.

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When can the items stored be accessed?

Access terms, hours and advanced notices will be negotiated between storage owners and renters. However, here are a couple of examples that can help you to determine how storage will be accessed:

  1. Storage owner A has a listed a garage for rent in their home. She locks up the door that connects her garage to her home and provides the renter with the garage door opener or code to open the garage door. In this case, the renter can access their property 24/7.
  2. Storage owner B has listed one of their spare bedrooms for rent. He requires a 24 hour notice for most requests for access with a maximum of 1 week in the rare case that they are away on vacation. They prefer access to be in the late afternoons; however, the owner is willing to make exceptional time in cases of emergency. When the renter needs their property, they simply call the number and schedule a time for access.
  3. Storage owner C is a commercial location. She is very busy in the mornings but the afternoons are slow. She allows the renter access to their property at any time in the afternoons.

Most traditional self-storage companies only allow access to your property during business hours. StoreAtMyHouse storage owners can allow access 24/7!

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Are there limitations on what I can store?

Yes, yes, yes. Absolutely. 100% yes.

You cannot store illegal items in someone’s property. We also do not allow the following items:

  • Drugs, including prescribed or illegal
  • Flammable or toxic materials
  • Food, animals, or plants – no perishables

We do not recommend that the following items be stored:

  • Cash, money orders, checks, etc.
  • Jewelry, antiques, expensive or any one of a kind items
  • Legal or important documents
  • Documents that contain identifiable information that could be used in fraud
  • Fragile items

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How do I determine the price for my storage?

We recommend that you search the existing self-storage locations in your area to see how much they’re charging and list your similarly sized storage property at a 50% discount on If you need help figuring this out, simply email us with your zip code and property size and we will provide you with a suggested rate.

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How does pricing compare to traditional self-storage?

We encourage our storage providers to offer at least a 50% discount over their closest commercial self-storage provider; however, this is not enforced and everyone is free to price their properties in whichever way they wish.

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Is the income generated from renting my property taxable?

While it is very likely that you will have to report the money you make from renting your storage space as taxable income, we strongly recommend that you speak to an accountant or lawyer. Each situation is unique.

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Will my home insurance cover the items stored in my property?

Home insurances are different for every client. Please check with your existing insurance provider to check for this.

StoreAtMyHouse is working on acquiring a custom insurance plan for our visitors and hope to have this ready soon.

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Is peer-to-peer storage safe?

Similar peer-to-peer storage services who operate in other countries have reported no issues so far with safety.

In a traditional sense, peer-to-peer storage is as safe as renting out a room at someone’s home, except you don’t physically live there. You trust that the homeowner will not touch your items and are also prone to theft or natural disasters. There are, however, some safeguards that we have in place that are optional between parties:

  1. A contract that is legally signed between the storage owner and renter ensures that there is documentation that make the transaction legally binding.
  2. Background checks are available for both storage owners and renters to ensure trust is on both ends.
  3. Our billing system allows for having a record of rental fees being processed every month.
  4. Our staff provides limited mediation and facilitates any questions you may have.
  5. We recommend that storage owners place some security measures to give renters peace of mind. See the next FAQ for this.

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What security measures or features do storage owners provide?

The more security measures and features storage owners provide, the more customers they will attract.

Here are some ideas:

  1. INSTALL VIDEO SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT. We can help storage owners to purchase and install a high definition security camera that will monitor your tenant’s property and record it to the cloud for up to 3 days for free. Click here for more information.
  3. LIMIT ACCESS. Do not allow anyone near the renter’s property, including relatives or visitors.

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How does StoreAtMyHouse turn a profit if most of the services are free?

We have multiple ways to monetize on our clients and we are open about it. Here are some of the ways we do it:

  1. We provide a billing service at 15% rate.
  2. We refer you to multiple organizations that provide add-on services and get a referral commission. These services include truck rental, moving supplies, insurance (coming soon, we hope!), background checks, etc.
  3. We feature properties for a one time payment of $35

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I suspect my tenant or landlord is engaged in illegal activity, what do I do?

Contact your local authorities (911/police) immediately and report it. We do not intervene in these cases as we simply allow property owners and renters to post and view listings and we facilitate payments.

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Does StoreAtMyHouse offer any guarantees against theft or damage to property?

No. StoreAtMyHouse merely facilitates listings and payment processing for landlords. We are not an insurance provider nor do we have any partnerships with insurance companies.

Storage owners and renters are responsible for ensuring that they obtain the appropriate insurances required; however, these are usually not offered in our current business model.

However! We are currently in talks with insurance brokers so we can offer renter’s insurance as an added on service. If you are interested in this type of coverage, please contact us and let us know that you want this service. We are very, very close to making this a reality and we are expecting the insurance to cost approximately $10/mo.

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