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What is StoreAtMyHouse? StoreAtMyHouse is a simple marketplace for storage space where people can list and shop for available storage space with their neighbors. Think of us as a craigslist service where you can post an ad and openly communicate with people. We create certain filters that allow you to search better than you would anywhere else. And best of all, IT'S FREE! How do we do it? Well, you may see a few ads catered by Google here and there on the website. The ads pay for the server bills and everyone wins!

Renters are able to find cheap storage space in their area and are able to negotiate with hosts and avoid having to pay expensive storage fees.

Hosts list their space and get contacted directly by potential renters. The renters set the terms and do not have to accept anyone into their homes without 100% screening them. Simply list your space and wait for renters to come to you with rental requests. You set the rules, you decide who you want, and if you change your mind later, it's perfectly fine. We never automatically book your home without your consent.

About Us

StoreAtMyHouse has been the “airbnb” of self-storage for well over 15 years. Because many of us want to make money from our unused space but we do not want the hassle of having someone sleeping in our home and using our facilities like with airbnb, StoreAtMyHouse solves this problem by allowing you to list your empty space, have minimum interactions with your renters, at your own convenience, and enabling you to make consistent money every month.

Commercial storage units are expensive and do not always provide flexible options. A simple storage unit may cost you as high as $500 per month in dense urban areas and as high as $150 in suburban areas. Most Renters will show up on an average of 3-4 times per year. This is practically an effortless way to make residual income and a no-brainer for those looking for storage space. connects you with your neighbors who have excess space to rent out at often 50% the average of commercial storage solutions.

Our goal is to help connect storage seekers and storage providers to save money and make money.

Why StoreAtMyHouse?

StoreAtMyHouse is the premiere marketplace for space. Easily eliminate unwanted clutter, or earn extra income every month as a host.

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    Our renters save up to 50% in comparison to traditional storage warehouses.
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